2 Instructor Training

NASP® Instructor Certification:

Instructor training and certification materials developed by NASP® is available through your State's NASP Coordinator - For Washington, contact wa-archery@live.com


The National Archery in the Schools Program maintains and manages three levels of Instructor certification along with all of the training materials and packets to teach and instruct each level. Every student at each level receives a training packet as a part of their certification course.

These streamlined methods and tools contribute to the success of NASP® International Style Archery.


For information about scheduled classes see the WSAA Calendar of Events


The Instructor levels are:

Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) 8-12 hour certification course - Certified to run a NASP® range and instruct students. Class cost $75 per person. Minimum 6 students per class.

                    BAI Training Packet Includes: BAI Manual, BAI Pocket guide, whistle, lanyard, Stringbow, Certificate & Wallet card.

                    Continuing Education - BAI is approved for 8 clock hours through NEW ESD

                    BAI Classes are conducted approximately 10 times per year, at various locations across the state as student needs and facility availability dictate.

                    BAI Class is a very full agenda and a hands-on opportunity to work with the same equipment and coaching techniques that you’ll be using in the classroom.

                    Must be at least age 18 for Certification.

                    Need not be already an archer to attend the class. We teach you the basics using the same methods YOU will use to teach other beginners.

                    This Instructional Methods course will prepare you to teach others!

                    Every Archery Club and Archery Shop should have a Certified Instructor among their membership or staff to help spread the sport of Archery!


Basic Archery Instructor Trainer (BAIT) - 24 hour certification course - Certified to teach the 8 hour class to certify new Basic Archery Instructors or to assist with the 3-day class.

                    BAIT Training Packet Includes: BAIT Manual, BAI Pocket guide, whistle, lanyard, Stringbow, Certificate & Wallet card.

                    Continuing Education - BAIT is approved for 24 clock hours through NEW ESD

            BAIT Class cost $120. Minimum 4 BAIT students AND 6 BAI students per class.

            Third day of the 3-day session includes TEACHING a BAI class with assistance / supervision of a BAIT Specialist.

                    BAIT Class is taught on approximately a biennial basis, as student needs and facility availability dictate


Basic Archery Instructor Trainer Specialist (BAIT Specialist) - Certified to teach the 3 day course and certify new Basic Archery Instructor Trainers. Instruction and certification for this level is conducted by NASP HQ Staff Roy Grimes or Kevin Dixon.


If you would like to HOST a BAI or BAIT class at your School, Camp, Club or Shop range, contact the NASP Washington Training Coordinator - Sherrie Crisp sher@crispie.com

Retention Requirements for BAI

Activity: Teach at least one BAI course every year, complete a BAIT course, or retake the BAI Course.

Reporting: Submit on-line “BAI Activity Report” to: https://naspbai.org/