1 Equipment / Grants

NASP Standard Equipment


NASP Classes are conducted using standardized equipment which is
modern, rugged, and adaptable to students of all sizes, ages, and abilities

Core equipment includes:

            Original Genesis Bow

            Aluminum Genesis Arrows (full-length, size 1820)

            Arrow Catch Curtain (for arrows that miss the target)


            Bow Racks
            Maintenance Kit
            Floor Quivers

This equipment is ordered from NASP Inc.

See the NASP website http://naspschools.org/  for equipment description, details, and order forms.


NASP Grant Request


Grant support from the Department of Fish and Wildlife is available to schools adding NASP archery to their curriculum as part of the regular school day, taught by BAI certified instructor, using NASP standard equipment.

We provide in-kind grant of equipment which we purchase for your school, and accommodates approximately half of your needs. Typically, we buy the bows and arrow curtain. We expect that the school will raise funds to cover purchase of the other half of the equipment - arrows, targets, bow rack.  floor quivers and maintenance kit

In the NASP Grant Request, we’ll collect some School information which helps to scope the amount of equipment recommended to support the school population and typical class size

We’ll need the following info:

            School Name, Contact Name, Email Address and Phone Number

            Estimated number of 1st year staff requiring archery instructor training
            (or note that the school already has a certified instructor)

            Number of students in each grade band (Grades 4-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12)

            Typical and Maximum Physical Education Class size

            Whether the Equipment will also be used for Extracurricular or After School Club activities

See the Grant Request Form below.

NASP School Agreement


Upon negotiating a suitable amount of grant support for a new school, the School and Washington NASP will ratify a joint NASP School Agreement which includes the following typical terms:

Washington’s NASP Coordinator Agrees:

1.   To provide your School with <EQUIPMENT LIST> purchased for you by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to support your archery class.

2.   To maintain a staff and suitable equipment to be able provide your teachers with NASP archery instructor certification training in a timely and cost effective manner.

3.   The archery units of study “Archery – On Target for Life” curriculum may be downloaded from the NASP website www.archeryintheschools.org and meets National Physical Education Standards.



1.   To have only NASP-certified Educators lead the archery lessons.

2.   To present NASP archery lessons to your students as part of the “in-school” curriculum.

3.   To use only NASP-approved archery equipment during the “in-school” archery lessons.

4.   To purchase recommended items to complete your initial archery equipment setup using school or community generated funds.

5.   To submit online NASP Participation Report no later than June 1 each year.

6.   If NASP archery lessons are suspended within 3 years of the date of this agreement you agree to immediately return this equipment to Washington’s NASP coordinator.

7.   That this equipment will not be sold, transferred, nor gifted for personal use outside the classroom.

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