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National Archery 
in the Schools Program
How exciting would it be for you to be able to provide your students with a life-time skill that nearly 90% of them will enjoy, a skill that they all can do well whether they are physically gifted or physically challenged. A skill that your students will enjoy so much that they eagerly embrace the discipline and responsibility required to participate, a skill that will excite many of your students who are not regularly excited about their PE time.


NASP is designed to teach International style target archery in 4th to 12th grade classrooms. The students first learn about the archery range and range safety, then they learn about proper form for making the shot by using a loop of string instead of a bow. When you determine the class is ready you help the students transfer their new skills to a real bow and arrow. The nationally accredited curriculum provides core content covering safety, proper shooting techniques, mental concentration, self-improvement and body core physical strengthening and fitness. Archery is easy to adapt into your overall curriculum because of its rich history and its many applications of math & science.

NASP uses standardized, state-of-the art and very durable archery equipment. The Genesis bow at the core of this outfit is designed to fit every student. By standardizing the equipment, all NASP school programs are using the same bows and arrows. This allows the archery class to have archery competition within the school and between schools as a culminating event. Not a real possibility with independent archery programs using mismatched equipment (imagine your ball sports without equipment standards).


Nationally NASP® is active in every State, bringing the sport of archery to millions of students in schools all across the United States. In Washington the Washington State Archery Association (WSAA), is working with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Archery Trade Association and the state-wide archery community to help bring NASP to the public and private schools of Washington.
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